The negative coverage by the media of President Trump is currently at 91%. In spite of the hate being spewed every day by liberals in the media, politics, and in Hollywood, President Trump miraculously shrugs off the hate every day and presses on to honor the promises he made to the American people who elected him.

In January 2016, actress Bette Midler tweeted about former President Obama and how unfairly he has been treated. Midler tweeted: “No president has ever faced the fog of lies and misinformation that this president has”…so true. How we all suffered for it, all of us. 

Of course, nothing could have been further from the truth. Barack Obama drew fake “red lines” and then dared his terror states to cross them. Virtually everyone (including our enemies), knew he didn’t have the courage or stomach for following through on even the smallest threat. The media ignored every one of his missteps and everyday Americans feared they would be labeled a “racist” for criticizing his failed policies and his embarrassing attempt at socialized medicine.

Today, the Jewish actress, Bette Midler, took to Twitter to trash President Trump, accusing him and Israeli security forces of “murder” after they were forced to defend themselves and their citizens from Molotov cocktails and burning kites with images of Hitler that were sent across the border by Palestinian terrorists.

Yesterday, CNN posted a propaganda photo of Iran-backed Palestinian terrorists at the Gaza border fence, side by side with a photo of a smiling Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, as they celebrated the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem.

Bette Midler responded to the image by tweeting a message toPresident Trump, claiming he’s losing “the PR advantage on this one”.


Who knew that a Jewish American woman had such strong feelings towards Palestinian terrorists who would gladly drop a Molotov cocktail on her head if she dared to stand on the other side of the border fence in Israel.

“Kitty Loves Trump” offered Bette the perfect “side by side” image of Barack Obama and Donald Trump:

Yesterday, following the opening of the US Embassy in Israel, Bette Midler tweeted a message to President Trump, blaming him for the deaths of 52 Palestinian terrorists who died “in protest over moving American Embassy to Jerusalem.” Midler continued to berate the President after she was clearly binge-watching CNN.

Maybe someone should tell Midler that Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush also promised to open a US Embassy in Jerusalem, he just never had the courage to follow through on his promise.



Independent Jewish journalist Laura Loomer lit into Bette Midler after she posted her ridiculous tweet. Asking Midler: “DON’T YOU GET IT BETTE? Hamas terrorists offered to pay $1,000 to each Palestinian who rushed the border to Israel to attack Israelis. Do you think Israel should just sit back and allow for violent invaders to infiltrate the border? You’re not qualified to speak about this.”

Loomer wasn’t the only to respond to Midler’s ignorant comments.

“ForLoveOfCountry” responded: Would the Palestinians have died if they did not riot in the first place? Israel warned them for days to not do it.

ForLoveOfCountry asked another very good question, to which Midler would not reply: Israel is supposed to just let the Molotov cocktail bombs land? Let violent rioting escalate to where hundreds are killed? It’s horrible that lives were lost! But this would not have happened if it was a peaceful demonstration!

Lorem Ipsum told Midler she should stick to singing since she obviously has no clue about the history of Palestinians using their children as decoys and targets to achieve their ultimate goal of destroying Israel.

“You mean the Palestinians who put themselves in their poor children in harm’s way just so they could wave their bloody shirts and scream about martyrs and victims? If you stick to singing that will be perfect, you moron.”

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