Jill Biden is so sure that her husband is the only candidate that can beat President Trump in the next election that she just offended each of the other Democrats running for president.

Daily Mail reports that Jill Biden begged Iowa voters to vote for Joe:

“I know we have great Democrats, great Democrats running. Great. Let them be Secretary of whatever. I’m happy to have them.”

Didn’t Biden just alienate all of the other candidates by saying, “Let them be Secretary of whatever…I’m happy to have them.”?

She campaigned for her husband in Iowa today and plead with the small crowd of voters to pick her husband in the February 3rd caucuses.

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“I have to tell he’s the only one who can beat Donald Trump in the November election.”

The voters aren’t buying what Jill’s selling because the Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom Iowa Poll on Friday showed Biden running in fourth place behind Sanders, Warren, and Buttigieg. Ouch!

There have been so many gaffes during Biden’s appearances in Iowa that voters could be turned off by the missteps of Joe.


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