The nation has watched Joe Biden struggle to grasp what is appropriate behavior in his interactions with children. On Friday, Jill Biden joined him in a miscalculation of her own.

In a strange determination to drive home a medical narrative to young children,  Jill thanked Sesame Street’s Elmo for getting his vaccine.

‘Our friend Elmo and his dad, Louie, talked to their pediatrician and learned that getting the vaccine is the best way to keep Elmo and the whole Sesame Street neighborhood safe and healthy!’ Jill Biden tweeted  ‘So, reach out to your pediatrician to get the answers you need.’

 Sen. Ted Cruz took to social media to condemn Sesame Street for using Elmo to ‘aggressively advocate for vaccinating children under 5’ and without ‘scientific evidence.’

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Tired of a worn-out vaccine narrative, other Twitter users also weighed in.


Unfortunately, the left knows that using Sesame Street and Elmo to advance propoganda can be effective.


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