’81 million vote man’ Joe Biden is at it again after his wife drug him away from an interview at the airport as he was awkwardly sticking his hand out.

The awkward encounter is just the latest in a series of gaffes that Biden has made since he took office in 2021.

Biden has spent the last two weeks hiding from the American public on an extended vacation.

Biden has had similar incidents where he was ‘shaking hands’ with thin air in the past.

In April, after Biden finished giving a speech he stuck out his hand when no one else was on the podium.

It is worth remembering that people called President Trump’s mental fitness in to question when he was President.

It was commonplace for crackpot psycharitrists to call Trump ‘mentally unfit’ to be President.

Some went so far as to claim that his mental state was a threat to national security and that he should be removed under the 25th amendment.

It’s clear now that Trump looks like a ‘stable genius’ when compared to Biden.



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