Hillary and Jill may have a lot in common when it comes to accepting donations from foreign players.  
You can’t make this up!
Former Green Party candidate Jill Stein, (who is more popular as a front for Hillary’s recount effort than an actual presidential candidate), has raised more than $7 million to recount votes in specific states cast for president in the election (she only raised $3.5 million during her entire candidacy).
CNN’s New Day interviewed Jill Stein about her recount effort on Friday.
“Do you think this election was stolen?” CNN’s host John Berman asked Stein point-blank.
“Um, we don’t know”...

Watch Stein tell CNN host she is concerned about foreign intervention in our elections:


Fast forward to Dec. 1st, and we find a group of U.S. Citizens who have filed a petition to stop the recount based on evidence they claim they have proving Stein accepted donations from foreign nationals, who may have an interest in affecting the outcome of our elections (in Hillary’s favor of course).
Here is the official press release showing the formal complaint filed by US citizens who are concerned Jill Stein took donations from foreign players to help fund her US election recount effort in 3 cherry-picked states.

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