Actor Jim Carrey — famous for playing a pet detective who talks out of his butt — has seemingly made his leap into the black void of madness complete by posting a despicable painting he did depicting the gruesome death of President Trump’s sons.

This isn’t the first time Carrey’s “artwork” has landed him in trouble. Not that long ago he tweeted a photo of artwork slamming Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House Press Secretary.

Via The Daily Wire:

On Tuesday, troubled Hollywood actor and comedian Jim Carrey posted a painting to social media depicting the two eldest Trump sons, Don Jr. and Eric, being gruesomely murdered by an elephant.

In the painting, Don Jr. has a bloody elephant tusk rammed through his stomach and Eric a bloody tusk through the heart. The men are shown with their hunting rifles, seemingly a slight at the sons’ big-game hunting hobby. Carrey, for good measure, added a #TeamElephant caption to the post.

Here’s a few more of Mr. Carrey’s thoughtful and oh so engaging works of art:

Tasteful, aren’t they?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a celebrity or actor or any artist for that matter having a political opinion and sharing it online. That’s what the First Amendment is all about. If we want the right to say our piece, they have the right to say theirs.

However, people like Jim Carrey need to know that while they are allowed to speak their minds, that doesn’t mean there will be no consequences for what they say. For example, many folks will probably pass on the actor’s upcoming projects.

Anyway, the children of a president should never be depicted being killed so horrifically. It’s disturbing and just mean-spirited.

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