Remember the actor, Jim Carrey—that guy who used to be funny?

Sadly, like many of his fellow Hollywood actors, the former comedian stopped being funny when America chose Donald Trump as their President in 2016. The guy who used to earn a living making people laugh has morphed into an angry, unhinged leftist.

Carrey, who fancies himself an artist, has wasted the last two years of his life painting vile images of conservatives, as a way to express his hatred for anyone who doesn’t agree with his political views.

In an attempt to make a point about how angry he is about Georgia governor Kay Ivey’s decision to sign the heartbeat bill, that prevents the abortion of a baby after it has a heartbeat, Carrey painted a gruesome image of what it would look like if the GA governor were aborted as an adult, and then posted it on Twitter.

The painting backfired, as his painting actually shined a light on the gruesome and violent procedure of sucking a baby’s brains out with a vacuum while in its mother’s womb.

Along with his graphic image, Carrey tweeted:

I think If you’re going to terminate a pregnancy, it should be done sometime before the fetus becomes Governor of Alabama.

Here are just a few of the replies:

At least you seem to know how grisly an abortion is. Your image is accurate down to the abortionist’s cannula suctioning out the brain matter of the fetus, sort of like a serial killer at work. Bravo Jim Carry, you do know what an abortion looks like. Bravo!

Thanks for showing how brutal an abortion is, and your support for murder.

Yep! We thank Jim Carrey very much! He is helping us show the horror of abortion.

Jim, you have captured the horror of abortion

Even the left condemned him, asking him what he was thinking?

This isn’t very helpful though.. this shows a fully formed baby being aborted. It fuels their rhetoric.

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