Passion of the Christ and Sound of Freedom actor Jim Caviezel joined Gen. Flynn and discussed the CIA and its role to silence him.

At the beginning of the interview with Spiro Pictures, Caviezel responded to a tweet from Wall Street Silver which stated “His (Caviezel) days are numbered… They will make it look like an accident.”

The tweet continued “He is likely correct, the CIA does this and it is used for blackmailing their assets in high places to keep them in line.”

Caviezel responded to the tweet by saying he’s not afraid of the CIA or anybody.

The star of Sound of Freedom continued “Well, let me explain something to all of you in the world that think that I’m a little girl and I’m afraid of you. I’m not scared in the least bit. God brought me into Hollywood to become an actor. He asked me to do that. He was my intel officer. The greatest God, the only God, and he loves me.”


Watch Caviezel and Flynn here:

Here’s the tweet Caviezel was referring to:

Watch the entire interview below.

You are definitely going to want to tune into this:

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