MSNBC’s Katy Tur is a known political hack who proved her allegiance to the left with her attempted rant to Republican Jim Jordan. She wasn’t reporting but just like every other liberal pundit, she just wanted her biased opinion to be heard over her Republican guest’s opinion.

The discussion was about the Mueller probe. Tur kept asking why Trump was tweeting about the probe. Jim Jordan shot back with fact after fact and then finally said,  “I want to keep you focused on the facts!”


“If the president feels so confidently that he’s innocent and feels so confidently it will end well in his favor, and if he really wants the Mueller investigation to go on unimpeded, why is he tweeting what he’s tweeting,” Tur pressed.

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“Why did he tweet what he tweeted over the weekend? Why is his lawyer coming out–and saying this investigation needs to end? Why is he, why is he saying as much as he’s saying?”


“Think about what the FBI did,” Jordan said. “The top people, the people I just talked about, many of them have been fired, a bunch of them have been demoted, they took a campaign opposition research document, dressed it all up, made it sound like it was legitimate intelligence, took it to a FISA court to get a warrant to spy on a fellow American citizen, when they went to the court, they didn’t tell them the whole truth, the didn’t tell them who paid for the document”

President Trump has called the investigation a “witch hunt”. He’s right!

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