A Kansas City, MO Jimmy John’s employee was caught on surveillance video in what has to be the most chill reaction to an armed robbery you will ever see. The armed robber in the video was later arrested and charged.

In the video the man in the blue sweatshirt appears to be highly agitated as he readies himself to rob the employee. Once the Jimmy Johns employee opens the register, the criminal pulls a gun from his sweatshirt pocket and points it at the employee. The Jimmy Johns employee seems unfazed by the assailant and begins to remove his plastic sanitary gloves. There appears to be another worker in the background who the robber momentarily points his gun at but then quickly turns his attention back to the worker at the register. The armed robber appears to become more agitated and points his gun directly at the register worker’s head. After the Jimmy John’s employee gave him all of the money in the register, he calmly reached down and offered him the tray where the money was stored as a parting gift. The robber then walks away, refusing to take the tray.


The funniest part of this scary video happens at the end after the armed robber exits the store, when all of a sudden you can see the employee casually throwing away garbage into the can next to the register, leaving one to wonder if he’s already gone back to work…like nothing ever happened.

Watch the video released by the Kansas City Police Department:

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US DOJ – The suspect, Terry K. Rayford, 54, of Kansas City, was arrested and charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm in a criminal complaint filed in the U.S. District Court in Kansas City, Mo.

Independence police officers responded to the area and stopped Rayford’s vehicle. When they ordered him to get out of his vehicle, officers found the Witness-P .45-caliber semi-automatic handgun lying on the driver’s side floorboard. Rayford was arrested and his vehicle towed. During an inventory of the vehicle, the Jimenez 9mm semi-automatic handgun was found in the back pouch of the front passenger seat.

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Rayford told investigators he had stolen both of the handguns from his source of supply for crack cocaine, to whom he owed money.


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