Hunter Biden, a lead figure in the Biden Crime Family, owns a multi-million dollar home in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in California. The home where Hunter and his wife, Mellisa Cohen, are raising their toddler son is located in Hollywood Hills, which shares the same zip code with several top Hollywood celebrities.

Rodeo Realty

In September, the crack addict turned international business tycoon turned “artist,” who lives in one of the swankiest zip codes in America, asked a judge to reduce the payments he’s forced to make to help support his beautiful 4-yr-old daughter that neither he nor Joe nor Dr. Jill has ever seen.

31-yr-old Lunden Roberts with her 4-yr-old daughter fathered by Hunter Biden

Now, the grifter son of “President” Joe Biden is back in court again, this time in Alabama, where his 4-year-old daughter lives with her single mom, to ask again for support payments to be reduced for the beautiful child neither he nor Joe and Jill Biden have never met.

The “so much nicer than Trump” Bidens have made several appearances with their grandson “Beau,” named after their deceased son, Beau Biden, but appear to have no interest in meeting their adorable 4-year-old granddaughter, Navy. The media has no curiosity about why “Dr” Jill and her dementia-stricken husband have no desire to meet their son’s daughter or about their son’s attempts to skate from his financial obligation to little Navy Roberts.

Ironically, the two-year-old Beau Biden, son of Hunter and his current wife, Mellissa Cohen, was named after Hunter’s dead brother, whose widow Hallie he had a tumultuous sexual relationship with shortly after his brother’s death. Hunter was also involved in a relationship with Hallie’s sister and then, shortly afterward, became involved with Melissa Cohen, who he married.

The mean-spirited “Dr.” Jill and her semi-unconscious husband Joe have made several public appearances with their grandson Beau while pretending 4-year-old Navy Roberts doesn’t exist.

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The Daily Mail reports – Hunter pulled into the court’s staff entrance in a five-car motorcade with a police escort. He hopped out of a silver SUV and headed inside at 8.45 am, stopping briefly to shake someone’s hand in the entranceway.

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The long-running paternity suit between the president’s son and Roberts seemed to have been resolved in 2019 when a DNA test proved Hunter had fathered little Navy Joan Roberts, and he agreed to a reported $2.5 million settlement.

But the recovering drug addict abruptly reopened the case in September by claiming he had suffered “a substantial material change” in his income and couldn’t afford the payments.

In June 2019, we reported about the petition for paternity and child support that was filed against presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, by his former 28-year-old girlfriend, who Hunter dated while in a relationship with his deceased brother, Beau’s widow, Hallie Biden (pictured below).

Hallie and Hunter Biden during the affair they had after Hunter’s brother Beau died.

In August 2018, Lunden Alexis Roberts, 28,  gave birth to Biden’s daughter, who was listed as “Baby Doe” on the birth certificate.

Lunden Roberts (on right)

Hunter Biden, who split with his deceased brother’s wife in April, married South African director Melissa Cohen one month later on May 16th.

28-year-old Melissa Cohen

According to court documents, Hunter Biden is trying to get his child support payments lowered for his 4-year-old daughter by claiming a substantial change to his “financial circumstances.”

NYPost reports – President Biden’s son, 52, has asked an Arkansas judge to recalculate the child support payments he makes to Lunden Roberts, 31 — the mother of the daughter he’s never met, according to a Monday court filing obtained by the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Hunter cited “a substantial material change” in his “financial circumstances, including but not limited to his income,” for the reason behind his request.

Roberts with her beautiful 4-yr-old daughter.

Never mind that Hunter is living in a luxury home in one of America’s swankiest neighborhoods or that he takes taxpayer-funded vacations with his dementia patient dad and nurse mom (neither of whom have had the decency to even meet their granddaughter), Hunter wants to pay less in child support to the single mom of his 4-yr-old daughter because of a substantial change to his financial situation?

Can this grifter family sink any lower?


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