Today, Joe Biden emerged from his basement long enough to face a room full of adoring media members in his hometown of Wilmington, DE. The mentally challenged Democrat presidential candidate left it up to his handlers to decide who would be fortunate enough to ask him a softball question at the event.

But before talking to the media Joe decided to take a swipe at President Trump.

The only problem is, that midway through the swipe, Joe forgot what he was trying to say.

Poor Joe, he’s clearly not playing with a full deck.

And stop your boast about—never being seemed at— what you, you know, you can do anything.

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You always talk about your ability to negotiate.

Negotiate a deal. 

A deal for someone other than yourself. 

Now, I’m happy to uh, take questions. I guess the staff’s gonna call on whoever? Fire away!

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Huge sigh…

Someone needs to do a better job of keeping Joe on track. With only two months until the general election, Joe needs to refrain from nonsensical attacks on President Trump and stick to smiling and answering the media’s important questions, like about how many grandchildren Joe talks to via FaceTime every day.

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