While boarding Air Force One on March 19, 78-year-old “President” Biden revealed his feeble state in front of the whole world. As he made his way up the red-carpeted stairs to the aircraft, Biden stumbled and fell twice. As he tried to get back up, Biden fell down a third time! He stood up, brushed off his knees, and continued up to the aircraft, as he quickly disappeared inside.


It’s only been two weeks since the guy who allegedly received 81 million votes fell down three times on the stairs to Air Force One and incredibly, he came very close to a repeat performance.

As the rain drizzled on the aging “world leader,” he made his way up the carpeted stairs to board Air Force One. About halfway up the stairs, Joe can be seen struggling to make it to the top without falling, as he’s seen tripping on one of the stairs.

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When you’re “President of the United States,” and your biggest accomplishment is making it to the top of the steps of Air Force One…there’s a problem!

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