Joe Biden decided to jump into the social media blitz on President Trump because he tweeted out a message telling Climate Propagandist Greta Thunberg to seek anger management.

The left immediately went ballistic, calling Trump a bully. The news for the left is that this teen has been seeking notoriety to push the Climate Hoax with their help. They often use kids to push a political agenda as a way to avoid criticism (see video below).

Biden tweeted to President Trump, but he left out the “C’mon man” part he usually starts with. Ironically, Biden has been the one bullying people on the campaign trail. He got in the face of a college student and yelled at her and, more recently, bullied a man at a rally in Iowa by challenging him to a push-up contest. Biden even said he’d go after Trump and “beat him like a drum.”

President Trump just suggested anger management classes for Greta. Not a bad idea for Greta or Joe Biden.

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The best response to Biden’s tweet is this one:

What kind of VP puts his son on corrupt boards like Burisma, lies about it, gets the investigator fired, brags about it on national TV, then runs a half-assed campaign, all to cover his own corrupt behavior… JoeBiden?

When you put yourself out there as a spokesperson for something as controversial as climate change, you should expect some feedback. This teen has been speaking all over the place lecturing nonbelievers saying, “How dare you!”

Candace Owens has it right:

A great point about how the left uses kids to protest:


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