Joe Biden came out today and tried to present himself as presidential in the face of the coronavirus crisis. This undermines the leadership of President Trump and only confuses Americans with disinformation. Case in point: Biden said there are only thousands of coronavirus test kits, but it was already stated that one million test kits have gone out.

Biden previously bashed President Trump and claimed he was “fearmongering” but it appears that Biden’s misstatement on test kits is fearmongering and lying about the help Americans are truly receiving during the crisis.

The video below shows Biden in Iowa claiming that President Trump is “xenophobic” for blocking travel from China when we now know that the president’s actions helped limit the number of cases of coronavirus:

Joe Biden opposed the China travel restrictions wisely put in place by President Trump in January.

These are restrictions that health experts credit with slowing the spread of coronavirus & saving lives.

If Biden had been in charge, more Americans would have contracted the virus faster.

The truth on why Joe Biden sides with China:

Tom Cotton wrote in National Review just yesterday: ‘Joe Biden is China’s Choice for President’

“The former vice president’s support of the People’s Republic of China is deep and longstanding.”

Senator Cotton mentioned also mentioned Biden’s support for China when President Trump called for the travel ban:

“When a few weeks ago President Trump acted to impose travel restrictions on China as a consequence of its abysmal handling of the Wuhan coronavirus, Biden was right there and ready to act as Beijing’s lawyer, slamming the policy as “hysterical xenophobia.” Now, even the New York Times concedes that these measures bought the United States valuable time to prepare for an epidemic.”

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