Joe Biden is at it again, in a spontaneous interview with the media in Toledo Ohio, the masked Democratic candidate for President forgot the name of a Republican ally, Senator Mitt Romney.

In the video below, Joe Biden, standing next to his carbon-free campaign plane, responded to a question from the media. Biden, in the same tough-guy voice he uses when admonishing voters, told them, ‘You may remember, I got in trouble when one of the candidates, a senator who was a Mormon, and a governor, okay? And I took him on…”

Joe Biden used a similar tone when he attacked a 21-year-old college student and Democrat in New Hampshire that she’s a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier”:

While campaigning in advance of the primary election in the must-win state of Michigan, Joe Biden used a similar tone to admonish a blue-collar worker. Biden visited an auto manufacturing plant in the Detroit area, an autoworker asked Joe Biden about his push for gun control. “You’re actively trying to end our Second Amendment right,” the worker told him.

The auto-worker’s comment triggered the angry Democrat, as Biden responded, “You’re full of shit!” as he tried to paint himself as an outdoor enthusiast. The auto-worker wasn’t buying Biden’s disrespectful response and called him out on a viral video where Biden can be seen saying he’s going to “take our guns away.” Biden told the autoworker who appeared to know way more about guns than Biden, that he shouldn’t believe the video, calling it a “lie.”

Joe Biden accused an 83-year-old farmer in Iowa of being “too damn old” to vote for him while he was campaigning the top spot in the Democratic Party primary. Instead of addressing the voter’s concerns, Biden angrily berated the voter, who identified himself as “not a Republican, for daring to question his son Hunter’s role on the board of Burisma. Biden responded to the voter’s question by calling him “fat,” and challenging him to a push-up contest.

Watch the unhinged Biden snap at the voter,  “Get your words straight, Jack!”

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