Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders debated tonight and one of the topics was coronavirus.

Is anyone surprised that Joe Biden confused the Swine Flu with Coronavirus? He even said “N1H15” instead of H1N1.

Biden stumbled over the names of the viruses that came before coronavirus and then he mistakenly said coronavirus was a virus that came before them.  He also forgot Ebola, referring to it as the thing in Africa.

haley moir summed it up perfectly in one tweet:

Joe Biden coughing in his hand:


While the DNC chooses to ignore the cognitive decline of Joe Biden, the media is also doing what they can to cover for him.

The saddest thing about the debate is that it appears as though Bernie is also in denial about Biden’s cognitive decline. He just said he’d support Biden if he’s the nominee.

This is all about Party before Country. Shame on Bernie.

Bernie believes that “to save American lives”, President Trump should shut up.

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