Tonight, during a speech in front of his supporters, where Biden was celebrating a successful “Super Tuesday,” a couple of animal rights supporters jumped on stage as they hoisted “Save The Dairy” signs above their head. While the commotion ensued behind him on the stage, a confused Biden stood behind his wife and sister, as Jill aggressively moved forward to protect her aging husband. Moments later, Biden’s female campaign manager, Symone Sanders can be seen tackling the female protester.

While we agree that security should have been better prepared for possible violent disruptions by Bernie Sanders supporters, why were the women around Biden the ones who were stepping up to defend their confused candidate? How many sane men would stand behind their wife while she fights off a potential aggressor? Is this really the type of man Democrats want to see as their next leader? Would President Donald Trump allow his wife Melania to protect him from an aggressor?


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As an added bonus, Joe Biden confuses his wife Jill for his sister Valerie.


Four years ago, President Trump was giving a campaign speech in Vandalia, Ohio. He was about to exit the stage when he was warned by a supporter that someone was trying to attack. Suddenly from behind the podium, a man rushed the stage. Secret Service reacted quickly and surrounded the future president. President Trump faced the attacker until Secret Service had the situation under control and was seen smirking when he turned around.


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