Joe Biden is taking the position of the teachers over the students when it comes to teacher walkouts.

The teacher’s union is a strong lobby for Democrats, so Joe is pandering again. He needs those votes and is willing to put the students last.

Biden was a vocal supporter of the Chicago teacher’s strike last October that asked the broke city of Chicago for “affordable housing.”

The Chicago Sun-Times asked what affordable housing has to do with a labor contract for teachers:

“Solving Chicago’s affordable housing crisis? What’s that got to do with a labor contract for educators?” 

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That’s the question the Chicago Sun-Times editorial board asked last week as the city’s teachers and school support staff inched closer to an October 17 strike date, with little progress made in negotiations for a new contract. 

A standoff at the bargaining table over the Chicago Teachers Union’s (CTU) package of housing demands dominated the city’s news cycle last week. The union is asking Chicago Public Schools (CPS) to provide housing assistance for new teachers, hire staff members to help students and families in danger of losing housing, and take other steps to advocate for more affordable housing overall in the city. 

In response, recently elected Mayor Lori Lightfoot accused the union of holding up contract negotiations, and the Sun-Times chided teachers to take a “reality check.” 

Joe Biden supports the walkouts:

“You all know that. Think about it. I think you underestimate yourselves a lot of times. I really do. I know it is part of who you  are and how different you are in terms of the commitment to what you do. The closest to you all are nurses. When you go out, you would much rather be in the classroom with your students.”

“You know these walkouts are vital, not just to make sure you get paid, or you get health care or school safety, although they are essential.”

“Many times, you are walking out to make sure your students have greater resources. That they have the right books, classrooms, and things that will allow them to succeed. And all of the things, all of these things that become possible for our country when our children are given an even chance, and as Jill says, all the time, any country that out educates us will out-compete us. The children you work with, and this is not hyperbole, are the most valuable resource The Nation has. I know we say that we say it all the time.”

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