Watch the video below where Joe Biden was walking away from reporters and then turned and said: “Why, why, why, why, why…” The look on his face is frightening.

CBS News’ Ed O’Keefe was just asking about the Sanders feud when he said: “Yesterday, you said you accepted Bernie’s apology, now you’re attacking him. Why’d you do that?”

Joe Biden isn’t used to being asked pointed questions so he lashed out at O’Keefe.

It’s hard to imagine Biden becoming president with a temper like that.

He should walk a day in President Trump’s shoes. He’d never make it.

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Biden has had several instances where he lost his temper, but this one is different:

Is Biden cracking?

Last weekend, he threw a Hail Mary when he pulled the race card on MLK Day. He insinuated that President Trump is connected to the KKK. Outrageous!

Biden could be feeling the heat and just can’t handle the media. He has gotten into it with reporters like Peter Doocy of Fox News:

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VIDEO: Joe Biden Goes off on Fox Reporter Peter Doocy In Bizarre Rant About Trump: “I’ll beat him like a drum”


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