Every time Joe Biden appears on the campaign trail, he proves to America that he is slipping. While the fact-checkers try and twist themselves into a pretzel to say “it ain’t so,” the truth is right in front of us. These “fact-checkers” are supposedly there to help us decipher what’s true and what’s false, right? Well, they want everything to be fact-checked except when it comes to anything to do with the truth about Joe Biden.

Just last week, Joe Biden said, “four more years of George, uh, George” when he was speaking so it was assumed, obviously, that he was talking about George Bush. Right? No! Wrong! According to those sleuths at fact-checking organizations, the Hunter Biden story had to wait.  These fact-checkers had to get inside Joe Biden’s head and find out what “George” he was talking about. Yes, it was a “George” but it was NOT George Bush. Glad that important detail was cleared up. It was much more important than getting to the bottom of the Biden family corruption. Priorities…

Today, we have another gem from Biden and we can’t wait for the fact-checker sleuths to say that Biden really didn’t mean to say “trunalimunumaprzure” but meant to say something else.  No kidding!

“I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize trunalimunumaprzure.”

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