Oh boy! The leftist Sunrise Movement is hot under the collar after Joe Biden switched gears to say he’ll take Super Pac money.

The Sunrise Movement is afraid this will open the door for “dark fossil fuel money.”

Biden had no choice because his campaign is running out of money fast, and he needs big funds from somewhere. The “Greenies” are not happy with Uncle Joe!

During an event, one of the activists for the Sunrise Movement asked Biden about this change and it just went downhill from there. No matter what side of the aisle you’re from, this was so bad.

This is a young woman who is a freshman at Duke University named Lily Levin. She’s not a “child”…It would be hard to be any more condescending and truly childish than Biden was in the video below.

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Joe was irritated and taunting the young woman by challenging her to look at his record. Pathetic.

Biden obviously can’t answer the question so he just turns around and ignores the woman.

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