And the gaffes continue for Joe Biden. Today was probably the worst day on the campaign trail yet for Joe Biden because he had gaffe after gaffe after gaffe during his appearances in Iowa. The videos below should be shown to his family to convince them to take him home. This is sad and wrong.

To start with, he confused Andrew Johnson for Andrew Jackson:

“No president, no president has ever said that including Andrew Johnson before the Civil War.”  Joe Biden said confusing Johnson for Andrew Jackson 

Joe Biden was heckled during his Iowa campaign office opening and responded with a string of incoherent words:

“This is what is going on that’s wrong with our party right now.”

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Biden said he was in Ohio when he’s in Iowa:

Biden also told a story that was very awkward for those in the crowd:

He says he’s never run a negative campaign even though he has repeatedly said he will “beat” Trump like a drum.

Go home Joe!

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