During Joe Biden’s appearance in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, today, he delivered a speech with a negative tone. He yelled throughout the speech while reading off of a teleprompter. Squinting through one eye, Joe read his typical stump speech full of lies and distortions about President Trump. It’s ironic that Biden repeatedly claims he’ll bring all Americans together when he keeps insulting Trump supporters by calling them disparaging names.

Biden had a “deplorables” moment today when he called Pennsylvanians “who don’t support” him “chumps”…This isn’t the first time Biden has spoken poorly of people who don’t support him. He’s gotten nasty with voters numerous times with angry comebacks. He famously called Trump supporters “the dregs of society” in 2018 (video below).

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been known to stick his foot in his mouth, but he outdid himself this time! Taking a page out of the Hillary Clinton handbook, Gropin’ Joe referred to Trump supporters as the “dregs of society”. Yes, Joe just had his “deplorables” moment…This is so in line with the attitude of the liberal elites. Can you imagine if someone said this about Obama supporters?

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Biden and his wife Jill made an appearance at the Human Rights Campaign annual dinner, where both of them bashed the current administration. They’re joining in with Obama to break the long-held tradition of not speaking out about your successor.


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