Joe Biden welcomes partnership between Chinese App TikTok, which harvests personal data, and the Federal Voting Assistance Program

TikTok, the popular social media app, is owned by Beijing-based company ByteDance, founded in 2012, and has been the focus of security concerns since the days of President Trump.

CCP app TikTok’s logo

The app also harvests vast amounts of personal and sensitive data from American users, leading to the Federal Communications Commission director requesting that Apple and Google remove it from their app store.

For these reasons, President Trump also attempted to ban TikTok, issuing three executive orders blocking American businesses from working with TikTok and WeChat, and all branches of the US Federal Government from using the CCP spyware app.

However, in June of 2021, Biden revoked these executive orders.

Now, he invites TikTok into an official partnership with the Federal Voting Assistance Program–a government agency set up to help overseas voters ahead of the midterm election.

From the Gateway Pundit:

TikTok just launched their U.S. “Midterms Election Center”.

Users of their App will be fed “election information”, not to be confused with what the CCP labels “Election Misinformation” in 40 languages and hopefully English is one of these. Among other things, the CCP’s TikTok will instruct people here on how to vote by mail in their respective States.

“We believe the world will be a better place if every citizen has access to accurate, unbiased and non-partisan election information — who is on the ballot and what they stand for — so they can make informed decisions about their vote. We are pleased to work with TikTok to help their community not only understand the candidates and their positions but also to empower them to feel confident when they cast their ballot.” – Leslie Graves, Ballotpedia Founder and CEO.

Now, a partnership between the authoritarian, censoring Democrats and the authoritarian, censoring CCP will determine what information the electorate is being fed. Of course, this means that patriotic candidates will be limited in exposure while soft on China and authoritarian Democrats will be signal boosted to a predominantly young and impressionable audience.

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