Hunter Biden’s sketchy business dealings have been under investigation for years. The Biden family is suspected of using their positions of influence as a financial tool, trading their ability to affect American policy for financial gain in their business dealings.

Now, Hunter Biden’s business dealings with Biden political donor Nicolas Rohatyn are being investigated. Rohatyn is the founder and CEO of The Rohatyn Group, a private equity firm.

The company website’s description of Nicolas Rohatyn says he is “a Partner and serves as Chief Executive Officer, overseeing the overall strategy and management of the firm. He is a member of TRG’s Executive Committee and is based in New York.”

Rohatyn Group Website

The Rohatyn Group’s website boasts that the firm used its “contacts” to build its company;

“After building JP Morgan’s emerging markets business, Mr. Rohatyn and the firm’s other founding partners saw an opportunity to leverage their unique combination of knowledge, skills, and contacts to provide specialized expertise in emerging markets. The firm has since grown to become a fully diversified asset manager.”

The site also says Rohatyn operated in 18 different countries;

“TRG’s headquarters in New York is home to the majority of our Public Markets team, with equity analysts also based in Hanoi, Cairo, Istanbul, Mexico City, and Bangkok. Professionals in Buenos Aires, London, São Paulo, Lima, New Delhi, Mumbai, Johannesburg, and Nairobi are responsible for our private equity and credit deal sourcing, due diligence, and portfolio company management. Professionals in Boston, Rotorua, Darwin, San Jose (Costa Rica), and Montevideo are focused on forestry and farmland investment strategies. Certain advisory affiliates of TRG also have an office in Mexico City.”

The situation is being looked into because emails show Rohatyn met with Biden and visited the White House several times during Joe Biden’s time as Vice-President in the Obama administration. Hunter’s now-defunct Rosemont Seneca Partners (RSP) was overseeing Rohatyn hedge fund accounts at the time.

Eric Schwerin was the president of RSP during the time when the business relationship between Hunter and Rohatyn began. And numerous emails between Schwerin and Hunter reveal a coordinated effort to bring Rohatyn to the White House.

“Can we invite Nick Rohatyn to the Mexico Lunch? Evan said we may have some spots. Thoughts?” Schwerin asked Hunter, referring to Evan Ryan, who was Biden’s personal assistant at the time and now works as the White House cabinet secretary. Ryan is also Antony Blinken’s wife.

“Yes,” Hunter replied regarding inviting Rohatyn to the Mexico State Dinner at the White House, which was held on May 19, 2010.

As an aside, Schwerin also mentioned seeing if Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim was invited, noting that if he was not on the list, he should be at least invited to attend.

It seems plausible that the guest lists for events were made according to financially viable business opportunities for Hunter and Joe Biden rather than to facilitate official White House business. The Republican-controlled House Oversight Committee has done a deep dive over the past 100 days into Hunter and Joe’s business dealing and has stated that an avalanche of evidence showing the Biden family’s corruption will be exposed this week.


Republican Representative James Comer told the DOJ not to indict Hunter Biden until the House Oversight Committee can share their in-depth investigation Wednesday. Comer stated that he believed the information coming out through the committee’s investigation revealed the corruption in the Biden family. He also noted that the DOJ and IRS were not digging into the evidence or attempting to get to the bottom of what took place between the Bidens and their international relationships.
Biden went on MSNBC to respond to the allegations against Hunter by defending his deadbeat son. Biden said his presidency is impacted by his pride in his son while maintaining that he has “done nothing wrong.”

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