“It’s not Joe Biden’s fault he can’t think clearly, it’s an indictment of the people around him.”

Tucker Carlson gets blunt. In the opening remarks on his show on Friday, Tucker says “Joe Biden is not capable of running the country, Joe Biden is Senile.”

Tucker claims that in the months before November’s election, Biden’s own family knew he was in “profound cognitive decline”.  He says Biden’s family was worried about it but did nothing to stop him from running for president.

And now, thanks to Democrats insatiable lust for power at all costs, and shameful dishonesty, we have a cognitively impaired senior citizen for president, and because he is incompetent and weak “our entire U.S. military has just been humiliated by illiterate peasants in turbans…many of them carrying our rifles as they did it.”


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Carlson says, “The people around Biden are moving away from him in ways that are not at all subtle. Why’s this happening now? Was it always the plan? Did the party that hates white guys finally realize it was being led by one?”

Americans need to ponder those questions. What is really going on? If Democrats stated goal was to diminish America’s standing in the world and bring about her destruction, what on earth would they do differently from what they’re doing now?

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