It’s safe to say that Joe Biden has had numerous slip-ups on the campaign trail, but his comments from 1999 on impeachment will have Nancy Pelosi shaking her head in frustration.

Biden was asked about whether an impeachment trial in the Senate should call witnesses.  He said he doesn’t think witnesses or new evidence is necessary. This goes against the current Democratic arguments.

“In a number of previous impeachment trials, the Senate has reached the judgment that its constitutional role as a sole trier of impeachments does not require it to take new evidence or hear live witness testimony.” — Senator Joe Biden, 1999

This was during the Clinton impeachment trial:

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Biden circulated the four-page document, titled “Arguments in Support of a Summary Impeachment Trial,” on Jan. 5, 1999. In his memo, obtained by POLITICO, Biden cited historical precedents from impeachment cases going back to the establishment of the Senate and asserted, “The Senate need not hold a ‘full-blown’ trial.

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