This afternoon, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan warned that a Russian invasion of Ukraine could happen during the Olympics. He urged Americans to leave immediately.

Joe Biden told allied leaders in a private call today that Vladimir Putin has made the decision to move forward with an invasion, according to diplomatic sources.

Later in the afternoon, Jake Sullivan clarified that US intelligence does not currently indicate that Putin has made a final call about launching an invasion.

And then, in the midst of what appears to be an imminent war between Russia and Ukraine, it was announced that Joe Biden would be vacationing at Camp David for the weekend.

As Joe Biden was leaving for his vacation, he stopped to take selfies and joke around with a small group of N-95 mask-wearing, virtue-signaling young people, as he ignored requests from the media to discuss the Russia – Ukraine conflict.

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Here’s Joe, struggling to walk upright as the media shouts questions at him about the Russian-Ukraine conflict. Unlike President Trump who went out of his way to answer the usually hostile by the media, Joe refuses to answer their questions.

MSN reports that Biden and Putin will have a phone call tomorrow to discuss the Ukraine crisis, the White House confirmed. The US president has already arrived at Camp David for the weekend, and he is expected to continue receiving updates from intelligence officials about the situation in Ukraine.

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