During an obvious propaganda piece for the Democratic Party, George Stephanopolous of ABC’s “This Week,” featured the bumbling, confused Democrat presidential candidate, Joe Biden, who made a series of untrue statements that were all left unchallenged.

We’re certainly not mocking dementia, but we do find it troubling when the media refuses to acknowledge that a top presidential candidate is clearly suffering from a serious lack of mental clarity, simply because he is their only hope to defeat President Trump in 2020.

On the heels of his first primary victory last night in South Carolina, Stephanopolous asked the former vice president how the handling of the coronavirus threat would be treated if he were president in comparison to President Trump? Biden responded by accusing President Trump of not allowing his scientists to speak. He specifically cited the false rumor that was dispelled yesterday, when during President Trump’s press conference, updating the public on the status of the coronavirus, ABC News reporter Kyra Phillips, was openly admonished by Dr. Fauci for accusing President Trump of “muzzling him.”

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As a member of the ABC News team, Stephanopolous had to be aware of the testy exchange yesterday but did not attempt to correct the blatant lie Joe Biden told his audience.

Biden continued to criticize President Trump, stumbling like a confused Alzheimer’s patient through his talking points until he landed on yet another whopper, that Stephanopolous again, refused to correct. Biden called out the Trump administration for putting Vice President Pence in charge of the coronavirus, “Putting someone in charge who is not a scientist and muzzling the scientists. Look…Fauci’s been here, all the way back to the Bush administration—what’s going on here?” he continued. For purposes of clarification, Dr. Fauci has been in his position since the Reagan administration, but it’s hard to keep up with all of the inaccuracies spouted by the incoherent presidential candidate, that remained unchecked by the Democrat Party Sunday talk show host, George Stephanopolous. Instead of doing his job, the ABC News host shamefully ended the interview by thanking Joe Biden.

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From an October 2014 ABC News article – Amid mounting pressure to name someone to spearhead the administration’s response to the Ebola crisis, President Obama announced today that he plans to appoint Ron Klain, Vice President Joe Biden’s former chief-of-staff, as his Ebola czar, ABC News has confirmed.

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