The White House outlined its plan to aid the victims of the fires in Maui, and it’s a slap in the face to victims of the tragedy.

The Biden administration said FEMA would “provide $700 to eligible people for food, water and other supplies,” ABC News reports.

After the Biden administration gives $100+ billion dollars to Ukraine, they toss breadcrumbs to Hawaii residents.

It’s always America last.

“FEMA’s Temporary Sheltering Assistance is now available for residents who were displaced from their homes by the wildfires, allowing survivors to shelter in hotels or motels temporarily as they develop a long-term housing plan,” whoever runs Joe Biden’s Twitter account wrote.

“We’re laser-focused on getting aid to survivors, including Critical Needs Assistance: a one-time $700 payment per household offering relief during an unimaginably difficult time. We have staff on the ground dedicated to helping survivors navigate the registration process.”

“Over 2,700 structures were destroyed in Lahaina, Maui, valued at approximately $5.6 billion. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden, with $115 billion sent to Ukraine, offers just $1.9 million ($700 per household) to Lahaina,” investigative journalist Kanekoa The Great said.

“This is deeply insulting.”


According to Matt Wallace, Ukraine has received over four times per person than Maui fire victims.

ABC News reports:

To further assist survivors, FEMA has activated a transitional sheltering assistance program to help displaced residents find a hotel or motel, as well as a “critical needs” program to provide $700 to eligible people for food, water and other supplies.

Pressed by ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Mary Bruce on whether the government has been able to meet all aid requests from the state, Criswell said she believed they have enough resources and staff on the ground.

“At this point, I have no awareness of anything that we have not been able to meet, and we’ll continue to build up our presence here on the island to support this,” Criswell said. “This is going to be a long-term recovery operation, we have the resources we need today. And as we continue to identify what the needs are, we’ll continue to move forward.”

The U.S. Coast Guard, Hawaii’s National Guard and some active-duty forces sprung into action after the flames broke out on Aug. 8 to assist with traffic control and fire suppression.

According to the Pentagon, as of Monday morning the Hawaii National Guard had activated approximately 251 Army National Guard and Air National Guard personnel to assist with wildfire response and recovery.

Pentagon spokesperson Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder said the military was ready to provide additional assistance, but it was up to FEMA to request it.

When previously asked about the rising death toll in Maui, Biden said “no comment.”



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