Joe Biden should not be making public appearances.

He clearly has dementia.

Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, who’s apparently the best the Democrat Party has to offer, appeared on CNN with a panel of BLM activists including the far-left Hollywood actor Don Cheadle and Keith James a BLM activist from Wilmington, DE. Biden, who’s at his best when he keeps his mouth closed and remains in his basement, attempted to discuss the upcoming protests in his home state of Delaware. Looking down at his pre-written script, he told the CNN panel, “The act of protesting should never be allowed to overshadow the reason for the protest.” Biden took a short pause, and almost like he just forgot what he said, he looked down at his notes again, reading the pre-written statement aloud, “The act of protesting should, you know, never be allowed to overshadow the reason for the protest in the first place.” Biden explained that he wouldn’t be able to attend the BLM protests in his home state because he’ll be in the must-win state of Pennsylvania, where Trump defeated Hillary in 2016. When he was finished explaining why he wouldn’t be able to attend the protests, he repeated his pre-written message, “But we can’t allow the protesting to overshadow the purpose of the protest.” Both of the BLM activists on the CNN panel remained silent as the Democrat Party’s train-wreck candidate repeated his pre-written script for the third time.


Although this video of Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden discussing President Trump’s handling of the Chinese coronavirus is unrelated, it serves as a frightening reminder of his inability to string sentences or thoughts together.

This is the quote from the video below:

“Despite a litany of public appeals from many people including me back in January not to let American lives and the U.S. economy on the world hang on his confidence quote the Chinese word”


Make no mistake, whoever Joe Biden chooses to be his next running-mate will likely be the next President in the highly unlikely event he should win the 2020 election.

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