Joe Biden blamed extensive foreign travel for his disastrous debate performance last week against Donald Trump.

Biden reportedly said at a fundraiser that it “wasn’t very smart” to travel “around the world a couple times” before the debate.

“I almost fell asleep on stage,” Biden reportedly added.

“Biden is now blaming his disastrous debate performance on a flurry of international travel — even though he spent a full week holed away at Camp David before the debate,” RNC Research wrote.

Not even CNN is buying Biden’s excuse.


From the New York Post:

President Biden on Tuesday claimed foreign travel left him so tuckered out that he nearly “fell asleep” during his disastrous debate performance last week — even though he had 13 days to recover from his most recent trip abroad, including a full week at Camp David with afternoon naps.

The 81-year-old commander in chief provided the new excuse as he faces mounting calls from fellow Democrats to step aside and allow a new presidential nominee ahead of the Nov. 5 election.

“I decided to travel around the world a couple of times… shortly before the debate,” Biden told Democratic donors in McLean, Va. “It wasn’t very smart [to be] traveling around the world a couple times.”

“I didn’t listen to my staff… and then I almost fell asleep on stage,” the president added.


Per NBC News:

It wasn’t immediately clear to what extent Biden was joking about almost falling asleep. Cameras aren’t allowed into his fundraisers, and the media relies upon written pool reports. Biden has a track record of making frank or unexpected comments at fundraisers.

In apologizing for his lackluster performance, he also stressed that it was “critical” to defeat former President Donald Trump in November.

Biden last month went to France to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day and then returned to the U.S. before he departed for the Group of Seven Summit in Italy. He then had a Los Angeles fundraiser and later spent several days at Camp David, Maryland preparing for the debate.

Biden continues to defend his ability to take on Trump after a debate performance punctuated by a raspy voice and rhetorical missteps that left many Democrats anxious.

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