They banned President Trump for his tweets, will Twitter ban Joe Biden for calling an innocent 17-yr-old boy who was defending his life against WHITE violent criminals, a “White supremacist”?

Last September, Biden criticized President Trump on Twitter for not reprehending “white supremacists”. In the campaign video he posted, Kyle Rittenhouse’s face was used when mentioned white supremacists, explicitly implying that Rittenhouse is a white supremacist when there is zero evidence of such a thing. This was just the beginning of the misrepresentation of Rittenhouse’s character and intentions. No wonder people began to think the people he shot were Black when, in reality, they were White.

Rittenhouse’s mother, Wendy, told Fox News that Biden had defamed her son by these implications, and insisted the accusations made by Biden are completely unfounded.

When asked at a press conference why Biden suggested Rittenhouse is a white supremacist, Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to answer the question. Instead, she condemned those who were protecting their communities from rioters who were burning buildings and destroying property.

Now, Rittenhouse supporters are calling for him to sue media outlets AND Joe Biden for defamation before and during his trial. One Twitter user said “This young man needs to sue each and every single media outlet (especially MSNBC), talk show hosts and guests, including Joe Biden for defamation.


Conservative talk show host and personality Dan Bongino tweeted about how Rittenhouse should sue the pants off Joe Biden and the media for smearing him as a “murderer” and “white supremacist.”

Other Rittenhouse supporters call for Biden to be banned from Twitter, just like Trump was for his supposedly “offensive” or “inaccurate” Tweets.

Former Georgia Rep. Vernon Jones tweeted out an image reminding the public about Sen. Robert Byrd, a verified member of the KKK, and his friendship with Biden. Byrd was never labeled a white supremacist by Biden even though there was little evidence denying this fact. Biden’s friend was just about as obvious of a white supremacist as they come… yet, he has the nerve to falsely accuse a young boy of being a white supremacist without any evidence whatsoever of this being true. As a presidential candidate at the time of this false statement, one would think he should have taken more care in what accusations he threw around and considered how it could impact this boy’s life.

Of course, all that mattered at the time to Biden was making his opponent look bad so he could come out on top.

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