Last night, thousands of people packed into an outdoor hangar to show their support for President Trump, as he held his first post-COVID rally since being diagnosed on Oct. 2nd.

President Trump talked about Joe Biden’s declining cognitive state, reminding people of the incredible gaffes he made while speaking to the adoring media and to the small crowd he addressed in Toledo, Ohio. “He forgot Mitt Romney‘s name, he didn’t know what state he was in, and he said today, he’s a proud Democrat running for the Senate,” Trump said, asking the crowd, “Can you imagine if I did that?” he asked.

Brian Clowdus, a self-described gay, Trump supporter, shared this incredible video of himself at Trump’s  Sanford, FL rally last night. Clowdus called Trump’s rally “the most electric thing I’ve ever been a part of…” referring to it as an “American Rock Concert supporting our @realDonaldTrump (President Trump).

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Further north, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was making incoherent remarks to another small crowd of supporters at a “drive-in rally” in Toledo, Ohio, who had to be wondering what the heck Old Joe was talking about.

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“Hello, Toledo!” Biden shouted at his drive-in supporters, telling them, “This feels like coming home!” he told them, although he never lived in Ohio. He continued, “Well, I tell you what. I uh, my dad was a modelmobile man. I got through uh, school, and we got through uhh, being able to eat, after we lost a job up in Scranton, Pennsylvania, he ad move down to Delaware, because uh, because it’s Ellen General Motors products— and so uh, I’ve known—and my state—used to have the largest percentage of auto workers of any state in the nation,” a confused Biden told the small crowd in Toledo, OH.


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