Something strange happened with Joe Biden after his victory speech for winning the Florida and Illinois primaries

Right after his speech, Biden just stared straight ahead.

Then something else happened that was even stranger. His wife walked up to greet him and he looked confused that she was there.

When she walked away from him, Joe looked confused and just said, “okay.”

This is the man the Democrats want to run the country? He’s having a hard time processing what’s happening. How can he run a nation?

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Watch below as Joe zones out:

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This isn’t the first time Biden has spaced out during an appearance. He recently walked out of the picture during a live stream event. It’s like he forgot he was on camera.

Joe Biden was delivering a live stream when he had numerous gaffes and strange pauses where he’s trying to remember the year. It’s another in a very long list of sad moments that the Democrats choose to ignore. Yes, they just keep pushing Biden out there like a wind-up doll who spits out memorized catchphrases that make up his stump speech.

In a bizarre, meandering live stream put on by Joe Biden’s campaign today, he forgets what year it is and when, if he doesn’t lose, he would be in office.

At another point, he seemingly forgets he’s on a live stream and walks out of frame. The feed cuts away to a logo instead.

Biden gaffed, but he also lied about sponsoring the Endangered Species Act.

Biden also lost his way on stage during a speech and turned his back to the audience to speak.

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