CNN’s Brooke Baldwin asked Joe Biden about a federal lockdown during the coronavirus crisis, and he responded, saying he has a three-point plan.

It turns out Biden remembered just a two-points in the three-point plan.

Biden said there should be more tests out there and follow those who are infected…that’s it.

Brooke Baldwin’s interview with Biden was like a campaign ad. She gave zero pushback.

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It’s so hard to believe that any American would vote for Joe Biden in 2020!

Biden was interviewed about the coronavirus crisis and told Brooke Baldwin of CNN that the president should establish a task force and put someone in charge.

President Trump announced a task force in January and put Vice President Pence in charge of the task force. Has Biden hired any advisors or anyone who could brief him before the interviews? Did he just forget that there is a Coronavirus Task Force press conference every day on TV?

“He should have someone else in charge with him making sure all these things get implemented.” – Joe Biden

It’s almost every day that there is a video like the one above where Biden is either lying or forgetting.

Why in the world would any American want to put the safety of Americans in the hands of this man?


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