Someone on Joe’s team (probably Kamala Harris) thought it would be a great idea to have old dementia Joe do a live interview on CNN last night. Most Americans already knew this, but last night he proved it—Joe Biden, without a teleprompter, is the equivalent of a skydiver without a parachute.

Cooper Anderson, who moderated Joe’s live performance, was careful to only serve old Joe softballs, but even the softballs came in like a fast-moving curveball for the confused president.

Anderson asked Joe what it’s like to be living in the White House and how it’s different [from living in his basement] in Delaware? Joe paused, smirked at the side of the stage, and responded, “I get up every morning, look at Jill, and say ‘where the hell are we?'” Joe explained that it already feels like he’s lived there for four years, “It’s not because of the burden,” he explained but “because things are moving so fast.” He continued, “It’s because you’re constantly focusing on one problem.”

That’s weird; President Trump lived there for four years and never once complained about having to work too hard. After 4 weeks, with one of the weekends being spent at Camp David playing Mario Kart with his granddaughter, old Joe’s already complaining about the workload.


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Someone needs to look into the person at the White House who booked Joe’s live interview with CNN caretaker Anderson Cooper—my money’s on Kamala.

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