Yesterday, while Joe Biden was stumping for Democrats who are getting crushed by pro-Trump Republicans in Hallandale, Florida, he either became extremely confused or is the biggest serial liar in Washington DC.

While addressing inflation, Biden told the small group, “Inflation is a worldwide problem right now because of a war in Iraq and the impact on oil and what Russia’s doing…excuse me, the war in Ukraine.” He suddenly stopped and appeared to have caught himself in another whopper. Did he catch himself because someone in the audience signaled to him, or is it possible he’s wearing an earpiece, and someone reminded him that the current war is taking place in Ukraine?

After Joe caught himself falsely claiming there is currently a war in Iraq, he made things worse when he falsely claimed, “I said Iraq because that’s where my son died.” In his feeble attempt to explain his lack of understanding about which country is currently at war, Joe did what he does best, he used another lie to cover it up, this time, about his son Beau dying in Iraq.

But that’s not all! Almost immediately after he said his son died in Iraq (this isn’t the first time he’s made this disgusting claim) he mumbled into the microphone, “Excuse me, because of Iraq.”

Of course, this is another bald-faced lie since his son Beau died in the United States of brain cancer.


Is it any wonder most of the Democrats who supported Joe when he was running against Trump in 2020 don’t want him anywhere near them on the campaign trail? The only candidate outside of Florida who welcomed Joe’s help on the campaign trail is Dem candidate for US Senate John Fetterman, who can barely speak after suffering a stroke right before the primary election in PA this summer.

While standing in front of a small crowd of Fetterman supporters in the crime-ridden city of Philadelphia last week, Joe Biden reminded us why it’s not okay to elect people with serious cognitive issues.

Democrat candidate for US Senate and stroke victim John Fetterman

Biden, 79, gave garbled remarks on how his administration has improved healthcare and mistakenly said ‘we went to 54 states’ to stop pharmaceutical companies from driving drug prices.

‘And, by the way, if they do, that means — not a joke, everybody; that’s why we defeated it in 2018 when they tried to do it. We went to 54 states,’ Biden said. ‘The reason is people didn’t realize that the only reason anybody who has a pre-existing condition can get healthcare is because of that Affordable Care Act.’

His addition of four non-existent states is the latest in a long line of gaffes that has continued to raise concerns about the health of Biden, who is the oldest president in US history.


By now, it’s pretty clear to the American public that Joe does his best work from the basement.

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