Joe Biden is known for his past effort to ensure that America is flooded with legal and illegal immigrants (see below) who he’ll give freebies to…compliments of the American taxpayers.

During a campaign appearance today, Biden said he would end limits on the number of family members green card holders can bring to the US.

Biden said in the past (video below) that he wants an “unrelenting stream of immigration.” that “will make Caucasians like me the minority.” He calls the immigrants “replacement workers.” Anyone who votes for this immigration policy needs their head checked.


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Joe Biden has a history of supporting illegal aliens and open borders (see below). Heck, he’s partly responsible for the refugee resettlement program that began decades ago and brought over 3 million refugees to America. This includes the ‘Diversity Lottery’ that gives 50K foreigners a chance to come to America in the name of diversity.

Biden is part of the Swamp poison that has been allowed to grow in DC over the decades. The elitist politicians that put Americans last while lining their pockets are giving it their last-ditch effort with Biden. They want to desperately keep the status quo in the Swamp. It’s like de Ja Vu all over again with Hillary Clinton.

The Washington Examiner reports that Biden discussed “replacement workers” aka illegal aliens:

“One of the things that in fact is a myth is that, quote, ‘those people here undocumented cost millions of dollars in social security. They extend the life of social security because more people are out there working and then paying into social security.

“They are, in fact, part of the reason why we’re in a better position than any country in the world to own the 21st century because we have replacement workers.”

“China has no replacement workers because they’re so xenophobic, they won’t let anybody into the country. Japan has that… just had to change their whole idea, it’s called Abe…it’s called Abeconomics.”

“Women in Japan are as well-educated as men, but the tradition is, once you have a child, you have to drop out of the job market. Well, now they’ve changed the project, because they’re xenophobic and they’re not going to allow other people in to fill those spots, but they need more people to work.

“We’re one of the few countries that has replacement workers available to them. But there’s got to be a process whereby you work your way, a path to citizenship.”


Biden was taking questions in Rockville, South Carolina, when a woman asked him for the justification for holding migrants and expanding detention facilities if those facilities could not ensure their safety.

The woman also asked Biden what he would do to help reunite separated families…A loaded question that prompted the former VP to bring on the drama with this answer:

“Close them down. By the way, we don’t need them. We found that when we were in office…if you would say ‘you have to report back for a hearing on such-and-such date,’ people show up. You don’t have to keep kids in a cage. There should be no justification for separating a parent from a child.”

He continues saying that illegal children “become Americans before a lot of Americans become Americans”…HUH?

Biden panders to illegals and the open borders crowd. He’s done it before by saying he doesn’t recognize borders:
Joe Biden is the gift that keeps on giving to President Trump.

The gaffe master was speaking about globalism and how great it is when he said, ” I respect no borders…and cannot be contained by any walls.”

Does he realize he just offended every man who defended our borders in World War 2?

We believe Joe because he said in 2015 he wants an unrelenting stream of immigration:

In February of 2015, Joe Biden opened his mouth and spilled the beans, telling exactly what the Democrats have planned for Americans.

Please listen to what Biden said in 2015 and then what Sue Payne revealed about Obama’s plan for a “New America”.

This plan puts Americans last and the third worlders they’ve been importing first. It’s a plan to redistribute wealth by importing poor migrants via immigration or refugee resettlement. The globalist agenda…

These initial “new Americans” are to be used as “seedlings” in the construction of a “country within a country.

Yes, Joe Biden wants an “unrelenting stream of immigration” that will make “Caucasians like me” the minority. And that’s a “good thing” (February 2015)


“The first consideration in immigration is the welfare of the receiving nation. In a new government based on principles unfamiliar to the rest of the world and resting on the sentiments of the people themselves, the influx of a large number of new immigrants unaccustomed to the government of a free society could be detrimental to that society. Immigration, therefore, must be approached carefully and cautiously.” – Thomas Jefferson


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