The issue of age came up during the Democratic debate last night.

Joe Biden was asked: “If elected, you would turn 82 at the end of your first term. You would be the oldest president in American history.”

Biden said: “What about Winston Churchill?”

Politico correspondent Tim Alberta said: “American history”

Biden responded: Oh, American history. I was joking, that was a joke.”

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Alberta said: “Okay.”

Biden replied: “Politico doesn’t have much of a sense of humor.”

Was Biden really joking? You be the judge:

Biden has had some big gaffes in the past so it’s hard to tell if he’s really joking.

One gaffe, in particular, comes to mind:

Biden Claims ‘Margaret Thatcher’ Called Him With Concerns About Trump:

Biden told a group of donors in Columbia, South Carolina that “14 heads of state” have contacted him, and “voiced concerns about Trump.” The problem with that is that Bloomberg reports he included Margaret Thatcher in his list of leaders. Did she contact him from the grave? Not only is this really bad form for a former VP but even worse for someone who is trying to be taken seriously in the 2020 election. Would this comment of faux concern have a tinge of sedition in it?

He did correct himself claiming he was actually referring to British Prime Minister Theresa May but the gaffe is out there and is just one more example of Biden’s scattered thinking on the stump (see below).

Biden also went low and called President Trump a  “clown” and a  “no good S.O.B.”

While Biden claims to be taking the high road when he compares himself to President Trump, it certainly is a low blow to speak of a sitting president like Biden continues to do.

He also pulled out the race card during his South Carolina visit saying that Republicans want to take us back to “Jim Crow”.

The supercut below shows just how scattered Joe really is when he mixes up words and even makes up new ones during his speech to Union workers.

The curious thing is that not one of the many gaffes below was seen on the news.

While Joe tried to get everyone worked up about his campaign, the supporters in the crowd looked just as sleepy as Joe’s slurred words:



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