According to a new Gallup poll, Joe Biden’s approval rating has dropped to 37% – the lowest of his presidency.

At the age of 80, Biden is the oldest president in history and is seeking re-election. If re-elected in 2024, he would be 86 years old by the end of his term. Considering the fragile mental state Biden already appears to be in, this could spell disaster for the United States of America.

Biden’s aides reportedly struggle to get him to do morning or evening events, and some Biden advisers reported to Axios that the president “has diminished energy, significantly limiting his schedule.”

The president is also incapable of answering impromptu questions from reporters or giving speeches without a teleprompter showing him exactly what to say.

Furthermore, over half the time he doesn’t even seem to know where he is or what he’s doing.

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According to Gallup, Biden’s approval rating among the U.S. public has fallen to 37%, marking the lowest point in his presidency and a tough start to his reelection campaign.

The poll, which came out just three days after Biden officially announced his 2024 candidacy, showed that 83% of Democrats, 31% of independents, and 4% of Republicans approve of how Biden has handled his job as president.

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In the report, Gallup wrote, “Only Ronald Reagan in early 1983 had a lower ninth-quarter average among elected post-World War II presidents.”

Gallup suggested that Biden’s drop in approval corresponds with “America’s worsening evaluations of the U.S. economy” as many economists predict the possibility of a recession in the near future.

These abysmal approval ratings are mirrored in the public support Biden has – or rather, has not – received since announcing his re-election campaign.

On Thursday night, Biden and VP Kamala Harris held a campaign call with grassroots supporters. Despite promoting the free, live-streamed event on social media, only 1,800 people watched it live on YouTube.

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