It’s so hard to believe that Joe Biden is the frontrunner with Bernie Sanders for the nomination. This says so much more about his supporters than it does about Biden.

It’s been so obvious that Joe Biden is cognitively demented. He cannot remember what he’s saying and even where he is. This is cruel and needs to stop. The powers-that-be in the Dem Party are pushing Biden to be the nominee even though he’s obviously impaired. Shame on them!

During a speech in Texas, he tried to recite the Declaration of Independence but got lost. It was cringeworthy but the people behind him didn’t blink an eye. Insanity!

“We hold these truths to be selva evinen,
all men & women created by know..the know the thing.” – Joe Biden

Biden also began to say Super Tuesday is super Thursday!

Joe Biden: “Tomorrow is Super Thur…”

Fact Check: Tomorrow is Super Tuesday.

Biden admits he’s going to raise your taxes. He even brags about it!

“If You Elect Me, Your Taxes Are Going To Be Raised, Not Cut”

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