Here we go again…Joe Biden’s “idea” is destroying Minneapolis again.  Just like last summer, the BLM and Antifa anarchists are burning and looting.

Minneapolis was on fire overnight, and stores like a T-Mobile were destroyed after local man Winston Boogie Smith, 32, was shot and killed by police after allegedly pulling a gun during a standoff. Smith was sentenced to 48 months in prison in Oct. 2018, but Judge Jay Quam stayed his sentence.

He has a long rap sheet and should have been in prison.

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Adding to the unrest was the dismantling of the George Floyd memorial by city workers earlier in the day.

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Rebecca Brannon’s videos show looting and destruction:

T-Mobile ransacked because nothing says justice like a new cell phone.

CVS was also looted:

Fire in the street as police move in on the people:

Liquor store…

Looting still going on at 2 a.m.:

Protester resists police who tell him to leave:

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