Joe Biden can’t help himself.

He gets way too close to babies, small children, and women.

Even though he promised on video last year not to get too close, he did it again just yesterday.

Watch the video below as Biden gets way too close to a baby who turns her head away from him:

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Joe Biden’s sniffing and touching problem continues…

A few months ago, Biden shocked a student with the same behavior:

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Joe Biden was taking a selfie when he kissed a college student from behind. She was shocked!

Over the decades, Biden has repeatedly crossed the boundaries when it comes to social cues, but during his current campaign for president, he’s probably set a record for the number of times he’s crossed the line.

Here’s another moment of social awkwardness from Joe:

The video is the second one down, but the first one is also a strange interaction with Biden where he grabs a stranger’s phone:

Biden has a difficult time with touching and getting too close to children. Where’s the social awareness?

Biden was making a campaign appearance when he spotted a little girl being held by her father. He got right in her face and then ran his fingers up and down her side. He lifted her out of her father’s arms and then put her back. What he did next is very odd. Biden kissed the little girl and then leaned into her hair for several seconds.

It’s the second video below. Watch how uncomfortable the little girl is as Biden gets waaaay too close and runs his fingers up and down her side:

There is something about how Joe Biden interacts with kids that’s strange and creepy. He gets into their personal space and appears as though he’s sniffing their hair.

His most recent encounter was with a young girl at a campaign function where he leaned down to whisper to her a few times.

It’s hard to understand how a parent could let Biden do this to their daughter. He gets too cozy with her while adults stand around and do nothing.

There is a pattern of this behavior over decades earning Biden the nickname “Creepy Joe.”

Whether it’s something as simple as social cues he’s been missing, it’s something he should have learned not to do long ago.

There is even a YouTube video compilation of Biden’s groping:

Someone needs to remind Joe he should keep his hands off of children.

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