The Biden Presidential Campaign might want to figure out what their message is on whether President Trump listened to science during the coronavirus crisis or didn’t listen to science. Could this have been a big mistake by Biden to praise Trump during a Fox Detroit interview where he said Trump listened to scientists?

The chances are that Biden forgot he’s supposed to bash Trump like he did during the Virtual Town Hall with Hillary Clinton. He tweeted out a comment where he said: “We need a president who will listen to the science.” This was a veiled slap at Trump because the Dem playbook for the past week has been to claim President Trump isn’t listening to science. Nancy Pelosi recently lectured that “science science science” is so important. So which is it?

Watch the videos below where Biden praises Trump and then flips…

2020 Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden admits that the administration of President Donald Trump listened to the scientists from the beginning of the coronavirus threat. From an interview with Fox 2 Detroit on 4/28/2020

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Then there’s this:

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