Former Federal Prosecutor Joe DiGenova dropped a bombshell tonight during an interview with Laura Ingraham:

He claimed that John Brennan was behind the set up on President Trump!

Brennan and Clapper have been bad mouthing President Trump throughout his presidency. Could they feel threatened by Trump? Video below from the Aspen Institute event from July of last year is full of rhetoric slamming Trump. It’s interesting to hear the two former intel leaders try and make a sitting president out to be something he clearly isn’t. In doing so, they expose themselves as complicit with the Deep State trying to destroy Trump. DiGenova called this entire “set-up” a “soft coup”…He couldn’t be more right!

Joe DiGenova: It was abundantly clear that there was no legitimate basis even for a counter intelligence investigation, let alone a criminal investigation. It is quite obvious that John Brennan was at the head of the group of people who were going to create a counter intelligence investigation against Trump by creating false information that was going to be fed through Carter Page and fed through George Papadopoulos so that it would be picked up, reported back to Washington and provide the basis for a counter, a fake, counter intelligence investigation and it was all Brennan’s doing. And that is why the Justice Department is viciously fighting, revealing everything they can about the source in London who everybody knows the identity of.

Laura Ingraham: Explain the source in London.

Joe DiGenova: The source in London was another person who was feeding false information to George Papadopoulos and others about collusion which did not exist.


Former CIA Director John Brennan’s insistence that the salacious and unverified Steele dossier was not part of the official Intelligence Community Assessment on Russian interference in the 2016 election is being contradicted by two top former officials.

Recently retired National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers stated in a classified letter to Congress that the Clinton campaign-funded memos did factor into the ICA. And James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence under President Obama, conceded in a recent CNN interview that the assessment was based on “some of the substantive content of the dossier.” Without elaborating, he maintained that “we were able to corroborate” certain allegations.

These accounts are at odds with Brennan’s May 2017 testimony before the House Intelligence Committee that the Steele dossier  was not in any way used as the basis for the intelligence community’s assessment” that Russia interfered in the election to help elect Donald Trump. Brennan has repeated this claim numerous times, including in February on “Meet the Press.”


“The intelligence community will continue to convey truth to power even if power doesn’t necessarily listen.” The entire video is disturbing but eye opening. THEY FEEL THREATENED and this is clearly an effort to hurt President Trump. This coming from two men who ok’d spying on Americans and who lied under oath:

How convenient that CNN’s Wolf Blitzer is the host for this bashfest of the current administration under President Trump. How ironic is it that two men who lied under oath are speaking “truth” to power…FYI: John Brennan literally voted for the Communist party in the 1970s during the height of the Cold War…now they’re lecturing us about Russia.

These two men define the deep state…This talk was really all about creating doubt on Trump and to defend themselves post Obama. Can you imagine if the tables were turned and this vitriol was directed at Obama? Shameful!

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