U.S. Attorney Joe diGenova is an insider in D.C. and has been right on pretty much everything he’s predicted in the Trump/Russia collusion scam.

In the video below from Judicial Watch, diGenova discusses pretty much everything and everyone related to the Mueller investigation.

This includes the contempt charges against Attorney General Barr, the Mueller report, and the FISA process for spying on the Trump campaign through Carter page.

Joe diGenova on the Nadler threat to prosecute Attorney General Willian Barr:

“The House threat against Barr is kabuki theater… I would say to the House: if they try to jail the attorney general and send the House sergeant at arms, I wouldn’t want to get in a gunfight with the U.S. marshals who protect the attorney general… This is a silly exercise.”

Joe diGenova on the Mueller Report:

“The Mueller Report is 400 pages of violations of the constitutional rights of the President, his privacy, and the Department of Justice guidelines… It is perfectly clear that Mr. Mueller – mostly Andrew Weissmann – wrote this in a manner to embarrass the President of the United States, not to make any legal points… They smeared the President for 400 pages.”

Joe diGenova on John Brennan:

Well, first of all, Mr. Brennan is the primogenitor of this entire plot… Mr. Brennan has become a bit of a nutcase… He is insistent. He is belligerent… He really is like a very guilty man protesting too much… This is a great scandal, and I expect a federal grand jury to come soon.”

Joe diGenova on the FISA Court:

In this particular case [obtaining FISA spy warrants]… Sally Yates, John Carlin, McCabe, Baker… lied to the court. They have disgraced the FBI and the Department of Justice… There is going to be a grand jury.


This scandal has been wide open for everyone to see since April 26, 2017… That’s when Chief Judge Collier of the FISA Court… outlined four years of illegal spying by FBI contractors… We do know that the White House was made aware of all this illegal activity, that President Obama was aware of it.

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