Wow! The Democrats have no shame. A leftist lawyer appeared on Laura Ingraham last night and proceeded to giggle about what the Democrats are doing to Judge Kavanaugh.  Political hack attorney Scott Bolden was immediately shut down by a very upset Joe DiGenova:

You can hear Bolden laughing in the background during the question from Ingraham. DiGenova goes off!

No, no, no. This obviously is a fraudulent exercise in delay. Ok, this is not a joke! We’re talking about the Constitutional confirmation process which has been disgraced by two…SCOTT, LET ME FINISH! LET ME FINISH! Don’t interrupt me! Don’t interrupt me!

DiGenova says this is being done for political purposes and says that Democratic Senators should be ashamed of themselves for doing this. He especially called out Senator Feinstein for her involvement in this.

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We couldn’t agree more and believe the Senate should move forward with a vote ASAP. The Democrats overplayed their hand in this one and the damage will last for a long time.

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