Masks for thee but not for me…

Joe Biden was photographed last week maskless at a park in Connecticut hugging children. In typical Creepy Joe fashion, he stated “I like kids better than people.” Based on all the videos of Joe Biden caressing children without their consent, whether on the House floor when he was Vice President swearing in new Members of Congress or just out and about meeting with supporters, this latest incident in Creepy Joe’s behavior should not come as a shock.

Some people gathered in the vicinity and started chanting “F*ck Joe Biden” and “Ban Title 42,” the provision which allows the government to remove people from the country if they have been in a country where a communicable disease is present. This New York Times reporter even described it as a “scene emblematic of our times.”

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The DC Patriot reported further:

During Biden’s speech in Hartford, he mentioned telling folks about his preference for children.

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When I talked to all your folks out on the playground, I joked that everybody knows I like kids better than people,” Biden said. “Fortunately they like me. That’s why maybe I like them.”

On the campaign trail in 2020, Joe Biden told a crowd of supporters he enjoyed how little kids petted his leg hair. So this latest incident is rather acceptable for the low standards the country, but really the media, has set for Biden.

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